Wedding Day Do's & Don'ts
A little help from someone who has seen it all

Every wedding is different, every bride is different, but one thing remains the same - a little bit of forward planning and preparation will always help you avoid the bumps and stresses!


wedding day do's and don'ts

~Please make sure you wear something that doesn’t have to go over your head

~If you are wearing a strapless dress – Please remember to take bra straps off your shoulders so you dont have strap marks

Please could I ask you to either wash your hair on the day before the trial or if you prefer to wash your hair daily – May I ask you to use conditioner on the very little ends only on the day of the trial.

Please can I ask you NOT to straighten your hair.

Please do NOT use deep conditioning treatments, masks, serums or leave in conditioners.

Always allow plenty of time for us on our trial appointment.

Please have a think and some good ideas on what your ideal hair style would be if you could try anything. We can start with a soft and relaxed style and then a half up and finish with an updo! – Please note that the more I play with curled hair the messier the curl becomes.

Please note that curling the hair makes it appear quite a lot shorter; I can straighten the hair at the root and keep the curl at the ends to make it look a bit longer.

We can trial curls to see which best suits your hair type and face – For example we could use rollers in one section, tonged curls in another and curls made with straighteners in another. And see which you prefer.

I will always involve you in the styling process and more importantly listen to your input. E.g. where you would like your parting, would you be happy trying the parting in a different position?

Would you like width at the sides or would you prefer it sleek and tight back.

How do you like to have your fringe - forward, sweeping over, to one side, or back with height?

I will always offer to try one more style even when you are happy, it just helps to confirm in your mind that you have made the right decision.