Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any hair accessories?

Yes. We can provide everything you need, from tiaras, pins, head pieces, clips, and broach combs in classic or vintage styles. Designed with pearls, diamanté or a touch of both

Can you supply tiaras?

Yes. We have access to numerous tiara’s, some bespoke built and available to buy.

Do you do make-up?

If we know in advance, we can bring Miki, our freelance make-up artist. Please do give us warning if you would like this additional service.

I'm not really sure what accessories i need?

That is common. If you have images of your wedding dress and those of your brides maids & groom, I will be able to bring along a few that may meet and match the style of outfit you have chosen. Email me some photographs once the booking has been made – but obviously before I visit.

Should I wash my hair before you visit?

It depends on your hair type. i would ask you to wash your hair on the day if your hair is fine, limp and gets greasy quickly. Also if you normally wash your hair every day it’s best to freshen up on your big day. However if you have thicker or courser hair it’s best washed the morning before. I will always freshen hair up with dry shampoo.

Should I be wearing my wedding dress?

No. However it will be very helpful to see this at the trial. Some of my brides like to try their dress on when we have completed our final style.

Will you want to see the dresses?

Yes – this will give me an insight of your overall look. We can check the balance of your hair, dress and accessories have perfectly come together.

Is it wrong for the Groom to be present?

No. Some people find it superstitious, but if you would like him present, and it makes you comfortable, then that is all that matters.

Have far will you travel, my wedding is 100 miles from my home?

I’m happy to travel anywhere in the UK and abroad – however there will be a surcharge of £1 per mile after the first 10 miles from Yateley. Any overseas travel costs will be expensed to the client.

Will I need to have the dress on before you start?

no – you’ll be putting your dress on approximately half an hour before you are due to leave – when you have your dress on I will then do a final touch up and place your veil if you are choosing to wear one.

How will I know what time to have my mother and the bridesmaids ready for you to style their hair?

I always plan a timed schedule for the preparation of your wedding. This may sound ‘structured’ but believe me it’s much needed! This time flys by so quickly and it can be stressful if we run late through not planning correctly. I send timings to you about 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day which will details who is needed in the chair at what time so it’s less for you to worry about.